Feelin Better World

Welcome to Feelin Better World. This is a complete workbook providing tools and strategies for helping people live life to the fullest.

I’ve been around long enough to witness how important it is to live the life we want to live right now, and not wait for a better time in the future. The workbook has been designed to not only inspire and encourage people to believe in their dreams but also create options for bringing them into reality.

It’s compiled of four main parts with several chapters covering everything you’ll need to know for living out your dreams at any age. The chapters provide step-by-step instruction for achieving success in the following areas:

  • Creating and defining your bucket list of dreams.
  • Achieving your dreams and goals.
  • Health and longevity for improved quality of life (to enjoy your dreams for many years to come).
  • Weight loss and weight management to remove limitations caused by excess weight and associated health issues (hypertension, diabetes, poor balance, etc.) preventing some of your dreams from becoming reality.