Life At Your Pace

As the world around us gets busier and busier, are you feeling more rushed these days? Do you have to go like a bat out of hell to get everything else done first, before enjoying pleasurable activities (playing, reading, writing, creating, resting)? If so, is this the kind of lifestyle you want to live?

In my opinion, it’s exhausting, and not how I plan to spend the rest of my days on earth. If rushing around in constant busyness keeps your motor humming (while not running you ragged), I’d say you’re doing just fine. If it wears you out though, then continue reading. There’s a much better way to live in my opinion.

This guide was designed to help define your pace in this world. A pace that builds you up, instead of wearing you down. One that promotes good health, instead of robbing you of the most valuable asset you’ll ever own.