Stuff Is A Big Responsibility

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, the issue of overabundance in America has morphed into a disease of clutter. The fact that an entire business model has been created around storage units, says it all. Why do we have so much stuff? A better question… Why aren’t we more responsible with the stuff we have?

Like so many others, have you resigned to parking your vehicle outside because the garage is too full of stuff? Are you paying for a storage unit for stuff that could be sold or given away? Similar to clothing, if you haven’t used some of your stuff for over a year, why not give it away?

This guide was designed to help people take a closer look at their stuff and the space it occupies. It offers simple solutions for simplifying and de-cluttering living spaces.

If interested in a broader understanding, check out the following book: Living In Your Bucketlist.